The snow has been relentless north of Boston. Don’t think it’s supposed to end until late tonight. Spent yesterday shoveling to stay ahead of it, but it accumulated in the overnight hours.

(view from front door.)

Spent a good portion of yesterday and today putting together Alex's 890-piece LEGO set. What was Santa thinking?

Hoping to get out to see the movie The Single Man—that’s if my neighbor digs me out with his snow blower.


Jessie Carty said…
Lego and snow both good ideas until the become large piles!
Collin Kelley said…
Hope you got to see A Single Man. Let me know what you think. I loved it.
Catherine said…
Many happy hours were spent playing with Lego when my children were - well, children. I have to confess I don't like the modern Lego sets. They are too much designed to make one thing from each set. Lego used to be much more generic and leave more to the imagination, I guess it's a marketing thing, it is designed to make children keep on wanting the latest set instead of building new things with the old set.

(This sort of rant tends to produce comments from my offspring about my having to walk barefoot to school in the snow, backwards - very tongue -n cheek :) )
January said…
Catherine, today's LEGO sets are full of little pieces that get sucked up by my vacuum cleaner more often than not. They are designed so that you want the next beg set. My son is hooked.
January said…
Collin, I LOVED the single man.

Hope Colin Firth and Julianne Moore receive Oscar nods. Tom Ford really had a vision for this movie, which is refreshing to see.
January said…
Jessie, amen to that!

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