"She" Time

I’m having a bit of “she” time with my friends from college. If you could only see us now: The four of us sitting on big comfy couches typing on our laptops! We joke about this often. As Heather said in an e-mail a few days earlier, “I am imagining an afternoon with children playing blissfully in the basement as loud as they want to be while the grownups lounge with their electronic devices, embroiled in grownup conversations, eating whatever strikes our take-out fancy. ...” Tonight it’s Chinese.

The kids have been playing for hours—I find myself missing them. Feels a little like a mini-break, which I desperately needed. Working on two poems tonight before month’s end (read: tomorrow).

Time for ice cream sundaes!


odessa said…
sounds like you had a great time! ice cream sundaes sounds so good right now :)
January said…
Thanks Odessa. We had fun this weekend. Hope you are well.

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