Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday folks. Time to share your confessions with us. And in return, we'll share a bit of ourselves with you. Don't forget to say hello to the folks doin' time in The Confessional.

For those of you who like to interpret dreams, I just dreamt that I asked actor Steve Carell out on a date. We were with mutual friends in New York City. The dream took place at night. Tall NY skyscrapers were in the background. In the dream, he wasn’t married. I asked him out, but I don’t know if he said yes. He got in a car and drove off. I remember being happy because I asked him. Guess the answer didn’t matter that much. After he left, I immediately texted Erin Dionne through my Twitter feed,“Hey, I just asked Steve Carell out on a date.” (I remember the actual text message.)

What does all this mean? Steve C. is not my type—but honestly I don’t know what my type is anymore. Does this mean I’m ready to date again? Am I too connected to technology and pop culture?

OK, discuss!


I rarely remember my dreams. I used to be able to recount all of my dreams in great detail, even waking myself up to write them down in the dark. That was B.C. (before children). Nowadays, my R.E.M. sleep is more broken than not.


I’m fighting a cold—maybe the dream was Theraflu-induced.

I have an article up at Read Write Poem. Check out “Poetry and the New Normal — How to Make Sure Your Work Finds an Audience”


My travel schedule is filling up! I have reading dates planned in Washington, D.C., New York City, Baltimore, and Atlanta. This is part of my new normal. Long ago, most of my jobs in publishing required some amount of travel. My current position doesn’t allow for it, so it’s nice to have the opportunity to visit other parts of the country and talk about poetry.

Have venue, will travel. Hope to find a venue out on the West Coast in 2010-2011.


I’m saying yes more than I’m saying no these days.


On tap for this week:

1. Write two poems—can’t leave the month of January without writing new poems
2. Write an article for Bread and Circus
3. Start a new book from my book list
4. Read a friend’s manuscript and write a blurb for her forthcoming chapbook
5. Spend some quality time on Goodreads and RWP


Erin Dionne said…
Hmmm....not sure what to make of the Steve Carrel dream, although I did have a dream Sun night that Barack Obama was coming to my house for dinner and my husband refused to help me clean. I also left Barack at the Framingham train station so I could scramble to finish shopping at the supermarket.

Perhaps it's something in the water?
Kells said…
omg, I just had a Steve Carrell dream too. What is with that?

I determined mine was b/c a friend recently said she thought he was so attractive (and I had never thought of him that way, just as "that funny guy") Anyway, I had a dream about him right after and I think he asked me out on a date! Geez, Steve really gets around.

Too funny.
Anonymous said…
everyone in your dream represents you or a part of you (or so i hear). soooooo maybe you're finally engaging the part of yourself that steve carell represents? only you can know what that is. to me he's always "michael" at the office :)

confession for confession tuesday: i want to do NOTHING (lay around the house and daydream) for a really long time (a fortnight?) untill it's out of my system and doing stuff becomes a real pleasure (again?). since that's not an option--i'm working on being here now...and having faith that noticing the world moment by moment will slow it down and reveal its goodies...

from jennifer jean
January said…
Jennifer, good confession. I want to do nothing for a very long time, too.

And maybe Steve Carell represents fun, humor, spontaneity for me. Thanks for your insights. :)
January said…
Kelli, we are on the same wavelenght. I think of him as "that funny guy, too."

That Steve. Oh brother.
January said…
Erin, maybe yoru dream was influenced by the recent elections. If Barack comes over for dinner again--in the dream world or the real world--make sure you slip him a copy of our books!
Jessie Carty said…
i've been having very strange dreams lately it something in the blogosphere? but i can't remember any of them right now :)

my confession is that i am writing some short fiction right now. but they all involve the f word in some way. WTF?

i also confess, i don't know if i confessed that already...
Wayne Pitchko said…
I try to write my dreams down ...lots lately ab out when I was a kid.....sometimes poems come from some of the more weird ones....any ways...congrats on you book... Red Sox....Booo..... Jason Bay is from this of course huge fan of him...and going back to my youth I was a huge cleveland fan...and the big bad Ted Willaims was one I liked.....anyways...Im a huge sports fan..soo take care
January said…
Thanks Wayne. I do love the Red Sox. Hopw you won't hold that against me.


Yea, Jessie. Glad you're writing fiction. I don't have it in me to pen a story, so I can't wait to read yours.
mister jim said…
Perhaps the dream uses a really generic
figure for practice asking that
question. A relief is felt at having
the practice. The driving away is an
exit from the stage: the purpose is
depleted. One would never worry about
being embarassed saying things to that guy, one of the most embarassing
characters on TV. Seems like one where the
personal mythology serves real needs
almost directly. That's my Jungian
take. Jung didn't like getting all
strange and ulterior when decent
practical applications suggested

If that makes sense, have another
go at asking....for the practice!

I confess obsessing over a
purchase of "The Red Book".
At $200, it's still cheap per pound
(it's huge).
Heidi G said…
Steve represents good humor. The asking out might represent the confidence within. The feeling of happiness is positiveness by taking charge. The NYC, perhaps a place you love to be in. The question left unanswered- carefree feeling since it did not leave you without a needed resolution. IOW it's all good stuff~ dreams represent our inner needs and wants among other things.

Steve's character although quirky, is 'reliable' and 'unpretentious'. I adore this in a person- real or on TV.
mister jim said…
I'm not well versed on Steve..
..sorry if I miscast. I'm just
not big on TV shows anymore.
I think Mad Men is the only series
we've seen a bunch lately.
Color Online said…
I envy and admire how you juggle so much. Do you realize how amazing you are?
January said…
The feeling is mutual, Susan!

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