Poet Phil Levine Recalls Life in the Factory

This is a wonderful piece on Philip Levine.

My mother-in-law saw this segment when it originally aired a few night ago on PBS Newshour and told me about it the next day. She was impressed by this poet talking about Detroit factories and how it influenced his poetry. It was a big thrill for me to say, "That's Phil Levine! He was my thesis adviser at NYU." I think Phil may have sparked her interest in reading more poetry. (Thanks Phil!)


Thanks to Jessie Carty for her very thoughtful review of Underlife.


Last night, I put the kids to bed a half-hour early, and crawled into my bed shortly after. I'm exhausted. This week is catching up with me. Blogging, e-mails, articles, laundry--you name it, I'm behind. Four readings this week. Two down, two to go. I'm enjoying all of it!


Yesterday, I asked a friend, "Is it OK to be this happy?" To my great relief, she said "Yes!"


Jessie Carty said…
oh thanks for mentioning the review. i really enjoyed reading your book. and wow that you worked with levine!
January said…
Phil was a great teacher. I sent him a copy of by book last week--that was a thrill in itself!

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