Weekend Wrap-up

I’m at Starbucks now. Very happy, happy, happy today after Saturday’s Cornerstone reading.

But it wasn’t just the reading that put me in this good mood. It was visiting the Bagel Bards yesterday morning and the great conversation on the ride to and from with a friend. It was mentally preparing myself to read as the lone reader, not part of an ensemble. It was the people who came out, including a friend who drove two hours to hear me read. It was the lunch before, the drinks after, and the after drinks after. It was the new blouse. It was coming home to the quiet house and waking up in a quiet house. It was staying in bed until noon. Feeling very grateful today.

Haven’t felt this good in a while. I feel like my old self again—only better!


Working on a grant application, supposedly.


Doug Holder of The Somerville News included my poem “Nothing Fancy” in his column. (Scroll down past the fold.) Thanks Doug.


Despite the depressing news about printed books, there has never been a better time to be a reader. From CBS Sunday Morning: How E-books Are Changing the Printed Word.


Catherine said…
Give me a real book any day! Actually, I don't have much choice. I can't get a Kindle in New Zealand, though Amazon tells me I can now read Kindle titles with a free application on my PC - but I have a Mac. And it's a desktop computer, too big to take to bed!

If I move to Andorra, or Madagascar, or Thailand, or even Australia, I can buy a Kindle!
Sandy Longhorn said…
So glad you had a great book launch. I love your statement: "I feel like my old self again—only better!" Happy for you!
Jessie Carty said…
so glad you had a wonderful day. that is one terrific blouse :)

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