Goodbye January. Hello February!

I took a few days off from posting and tweeting to spend time with friends and to regroup. January was a terrific month for me: I had multiple readings scheduled, I applied for a state grant, I started the process of getting organized—all while keeping the kids and me on track. Yet, by month’s end I was wiped out. I shoveled way too much snow but hardly went to the gym. My job took a big chunk out of me. And dealing with this new normal of being a single parent presents its own set of challenges.

This month gives me another opportunity to take stock, retrench, and find ways to do things differently or better. Yes, life happens. Yes, sometimes “me” time goes out the window with kids and other pursuits in the mix. But I’m far better mom, daughter, coworker, friend, and poet because I take time for myself. This allows me to live my life with purpose and without regrets.

So, I’m trying out a few things in February.

  • Mindful eating. I toyed with the idea of going meatless for a month but I won’t lie—I love a good steak now and then. But I’m going to cut back on the amount of meat I eat in February. I also intend to try some organic foods, buy foods from local producers, try new recipes, plan weekly menus, and get the kids to help me cook whenever possible. Eating better and working out should help me maintain balance (HA!).
  • Debt diet. The pullback continues. I’m not making any unnecessary purchases this month. Although, this is my birthday month so I may have to splurge a bit.
  • One thing a night. I have a master to-do list that fell to the wayside by mid-January. So I’m subscribing to the “let’s just get one thing done before my head hits the pillow” plan. I’m hoping that taking incremental steps will help me get some of my household chores out of the way.
  • Hiring a babysitter. I’m going to have someone come over a few hours every two weeks so I can devote uninterrupted time to organizing the office and mailing out submissions. You know, pobiz.

Poetry to-do’s coming soon.


This is awesome, and makes me want to work out a February plan, too. Thanks for posting this--it gives me hope when my head's just barely above the pobiz water with all the "other" job and family stuff.
January said…
Thanks Susan. Just doing one daily thing off the to-do list makes a huge difference. Then nothing fall through the cracks and we have more time to write.
Dana said…
I have a plan, too. I lived up to it today, but this is the first day I committed to it.

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