2010 Trashfinders Ball

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had chance to talk about the 3rd annual Trashfinders Ball, which took place this past Saturday. I forgot my camera, so the photos were taken on my iPhone.

A few days before the ball, we get together for a sewing circle. This is where we put together our trashy creations. Think Project Runway without risk of elimination—the trashier the better! Grocery bags seemed to be a trend this year.

The Trashfinders Ball is a local charity event that celebrates the things we throw away—and the people who give new life to junk. It’s truly a trash-to-treasure affair. There is a Trashion Show (fashion show) and a contest for the best trash finds. Thanks to head trashpicker Sean Devlin and all who made the event a huge success. This year, we raised $1,200 for Harborlight Community Partners, an organization that helps provide affordable housing to area residents.

Here’s an article that ran prior to the ball at MSN Money, and a recap in the Salem News.

The Trashfinders Ball documentary is now available on DVD (scroll down Trashfinders Web site to watch the trailer).


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