Confession Tuesday

It’s Confession Tuesday … You know the drill!

A few moments ago, I woke up to this loud voice in my head saying,

“You have to let go of some things.”

All I can do at this point is agree. Don’t know when it happened, but I am overcommitted. Maybe last weekend’s fiasco with the power outage and the basement flooding pushed my tenuous schedule off track. Doesn’t matter how it happened. If my subconscious is trying to reach me, then I guess I should listen. Maybe 5 a.m. is the best time to reach me.


I’ve been saying yes more than I’ve been saying no (my mantra for 2010), but maybe it’s time to say no until I can get caught up with things.


Last night marked the end for my beloved 2000 Subaru Outback. The car has more than 211,000 miles; it has served its time. Well, last night the car started to decelerate on the highway while I was going about 75 mph. I pulled over to the breakdown lane and called AAA. This is it. The problem may be fixable and not too expensive, but the car has been nickel-and-diming me for the last eight months. I’m ready to throw in the towel.


Sometimes I feel like if it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all. Life seems a bit lopsided at the moment.


Pardon me for this moment of gratitude as I try regaining a little perspective:

1. I am healthy and mostly happy
2. I have two wonderful kids—my two silver linings in a cloudy life
3. I’m surrounded by truly creative and loving friends and family
4. I have work that keeps me interested and engaged, and coworkers who keep me grounded
5. I’m a poet!

There, I feel better now.


Looking forward to reading with Nin Andrews tonight. We’ve never met, so I’m excited to spend a little time with her after the event.


On the poetry front, you name it, I’m doing it: poetry readings: judging poetry contests; and writing articles, book reviews, and co-authoring interviews. I’m doing everything but reading books and writing poetry.*sigh* That’s really what I want to get back to this weekend.

Sunrise at 6 a.m. Spring is coming ... I just know it.


susan said…
few moments ago, I woke up to this loud voice in my head saying,

“You have to let go of some things.”

This has been nagging me and I was feeling guilty, not wanting to admit it.

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
all i can say is: me too! last week was the ultimate in overscheduling. and in no sleep. and in whole family illness. but all the break downs got my hubby to the doctor (finally) and a chest x-ray for his smoker's lungs...sigh...we're the "push-it/scacity" family--the kids don't know how to relax even--and i hope to become the "it-is-I-am-enough" family :) happy spring

love from jennifer jean
January said…
Jennifer, hope the sickness has left your home. It's been a crazy time for a lot of people.

Yes, happy spring! Can't come soon enough.
January said…
Susan, it's just too much. So the question becomes what to let go.

Hang in there.
Writer Bug said…
I have so been there--you must listen to the voice!

(Though as I read on, I wondered, maybe the voice is talking about the Suburu??:)

I confessed today as well:
Jessie Carty said…
i confess i overextended myself as well. in response i have given up twitter and a few websites i used to visit

i confess that i didn't want to drive in the tiny amount of snow today so i jogged around my house and did yoga and strength training exercises for 45 minutes.

i confess my afternoon snack is an ibc root beer and a granola bar and it is delicious :)
January said…
Jessie, I will miss you on Twitter. It's much quietier without you there. :(
January said…
Bug, wouldn't surprise me at all if I was being haunted by the ghost of my dead Subaru.

Jessie Carty said…
Jan - I already miss Twitter a bit and I might sneak back in and only follow a very few select people :)
Anonymous said…
it doesn't really help, but we've all been there.

water in the basement and a dead subaru at the same time, though? it's definitely enough to make you feel like throwing in the towel. wow.

you'll keep chugging, though. there's really no other way through it!
January said…
Carolee, I came to your blog to comment but the comments are closed. :(

Yep, we've all been there. *sigh* I know what doesn't kill me makes me stronger, but I think I'm strong enough. I could use a little break.

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