Confession Tuesday

Happy, happy Tuesday folks! Do you have something you want to share? Something you want to get off your chest? You’ve come to the right place. Share a little of yourself with us and we’ll be sure to do the same. Don’t forget to scroll down and visit the other sinners doing time in The Confessional.

After many days of car shopping and haggling with car dealers, I am the proud owner of a new (used) Hyundai Sonata! It’s a nice ride. Wish I could have gotten a used Subaru Outback but there’s nothing with low mileage available from the dealer in my price range within a 75-mile radius (I don’t do private sales).

Here are a few things dealers should realize about women buying cars:

  • We want more than just cup holders and mirrors. We actually care about gas mileage, safety, and what’s under the hood.
  • We don’t like to be pressured or talked down to (Do you hear me, Toyota?).
    If you can’t find the keys to one of your cars, don't show us something else and think we won't notice (Do you hear me, Honda?).
  • Don’t be surprised if we whip out our smart phones and verify prices (I love you, iPhone!).

With a lot of encouragement from friends and my parents, I made this deal by myself. It was both exhilarating and nerve-wracking, but I did it. I did it.


The kids love the new car. They said things like, “I can’t wait to put my toys in it!” and “This the best trunk EVER!”


I pulled back from blogging and poetry talk because, obviously, I had a lot going on over the weekend. Taking the break also allowed me to get some other nagging things off my big to-do list.


March Poetry To-Do’s

1. Write six poems in March. Why six? I need to warm up before NaPoWriMo. This time around, I’m partnering with Jennifer Jean to write two poems a week. I need the kick-start, so I thought I’d give the buddy system a try.

2. Write an article for RWP.

3. Finish two interviews.

4. Read a poetry collection a week. I have too many good books on my nightstand waiting for some attention.


Odessa said…
yay for getting a new car! and i have a long confession this week too: confession tuesday
Honoree Jeffers said…
I love to dance in my living room to hiphop music and practice seriously (age/politically) inappropriate dance moves! I know I should stop, but I just can't!:-)
January said…
Me too, Honi! I dance to lots of rap songs I really have no business dancing to. Usually, I wait until the kids are not around but I absolutely love it!

Thanks for stopping by,
January said…
Thanks Odessa. Can't wait to read your confessions.
Heidi G said…
Embrace the "Girl Power" that you exhibited to the good ol' boys during your recent car shopping achievement. Personally, I'd like the FIRST chance for some one to haggle for me (i.e. boyfriend, guy friend, any person of the male persuasion). GOOD job! Can I bring a toy for my very own for rides in your new car? (sharing is always welcome)
Jessie Carty said…
i confess that the first thing i did when my box of poetry books arrived today (76 copies of my own book!) was take them out and pile them around the cat like he was in a little book house.

i need to get out more :)

congrats on the car buying!

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