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The traveling road show continues ...

Friday, March 12
Alumni Reading at NYU
Join Ishion Hutchinson, John Murillo, January Gill O’Neil, and Sung J. Woo as NYU Creative Writing Program alumni read from their newly published books.

Lillian Vernon Creative Writers House, 58 West 10th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues, NYC.


Actually, it's more than just a road show. My friend, Colleen, and I are taking some "she time" to enjoy the ride to and from NYC. I'm so looking forward to this. Not even the threat of damp weather could knock the smile off my face. Will post photos over the weekend.


Check out my interview with C.J. at Five Fishes.


Two words: crazy busy. Here's two more: flat out!

Hoping to get back to writing poetry as early as tonight. Maybe something to post tomorrow. I must adhere to my to-do list or else I'm sunk.


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