ForeWord Review magazine has selected Underlife as a finalist for their Book of the Year Award (BOYTA)! Very cool. I've never been nominated for anything so this feels like quite the honor.


Erin Dionne is giving away a free signed copy of Underlife at her blog. Go there and sign up!


Afaa Micahel Weaver shares his reflections on Haiti's earthquake and aftermath at Radio Open Source.


Was missing Lucille Clifton today. On my ride into work today I played the Poetry Foundation's interview with her from 2007 when she won the Ruth Lilly prize. If you really want a sense of who she was--in her own words--listen to this podcast.

I'm paraphrasing, but in the interview she says that when her first book came out, she had six kids under the age of 8. Gives me hope as a parent that I can do what my heart leads me to do and still raise a happy family. Thank you, Lucille.


Happy St. Patty's Day, everyone!


Jeannine said…
Congrats January! That is fantastic!
Collin Kelley said…
Congrats on the nomination!
Catherine said…
eat news!
Catherine said…
Oh dear, blogger ate the first two letters of my comment, it should of course have read "Great news!" :)
January said…
I kinda liked "eat news!," Catherine!
January said…
Thanks, everyone, for the kind words.
Jessie Carty said…
I saw this first on kelli's blog! Congrats again!

I listened to Clifton's interview a couple days ago. It's wonderful--I could listen to her forever.
cornshake said…
Congrats on the ForeWord nom, Jan! You are in some good company!!
January said…
Thanks Aimee!
January said…
Thanks for stopping by, Valerie!

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