Confession Tuesday

It’s the last Tuesday before the start of (Inter-)NaPoWriMo … do you know where your poems are?

Wow, it’s almost April. This month has been a sort of mile marker for me since the divorce (which becomes final in late April). Through some of the more difficult moments, I’d tell myself to just make it to April, and then I would reap the benefits of all the hard work setting up reading dates and poetry events for Underlife. AWP Denver is smack-dab in the middle of everything, which will be a mini-vacation for me. And let’s not forget that I will be writing a poem-a-day through it all. I've needed a focus through it all and poetry, in one form or another, has been there for me.

Not sure what the future holds but I’m ready for what’s next. Bring on National Poetry Month!


In order to keep up with the poem-a-day challenges, I’m trying not to commit to too many things. I’m finding it difficult to protect my time. I’m not complaining—this is a good problem to have. I just don’t want to overpromise and under-deliver, which I am prone to do.


Speaking of which, I am writing this confession early because I promised my kids that I would do one of the following before school:

a) Color Easter eggs
b) Play Monopoly Jr.
c) Read books

Overcommit much? Well, let’s just say I hope they sleep in today.


My son, Alex, has a new phrase he’s been saying around the house: “tartar sauce.” I think this is his form of an expletive. Something doesn’t go his way, I hear, “tartar sauce!” Can’t decide if it’s very cute or a sign of things to come. Now that I think about it, I should show him what tartar sauce is.

As for Ella, her new phrase is, “Testify!” Here’s what a typical conversation looks/sounds like …

Mom: “Ella, let’s order pizza for dinner tonight.”
Ella: “TESTIFY!”
Mom: “Really, Ella? What does that mean?”
Ella: “I dunno. I heard it in [the movie] ‘Monsters vs. Aliens.’ That’s what BOB says to Ginormica after beating up the aliens.”
Mom: “OK, Ella.”
Ella: “Mom, just say it. It’s fun.”
Mom: “One of these days, I’m going to take you to a Southern black church so you understand what it means to testify.”
Ella: “Is the pizza here yet?”

The End.


Jennifer said…
i love "tartar sauce" as a substitution! luc's been over) using "stinky" and been scolded so that now he resorts to "word i can't say" as in "this broken toy is so word i can't say!" as long as the expletives stay cute/creative throughout their lifetime (i wish!) then long live "tartar sauce" etc.!

and ella does have a point: words are fun!
Anonymous said…
your hunch is right. "tartar sauce" is an expletive from sponge bob. :)
January said…
I thought so! Thanks Carolee. It's cute when Alex says it.
January said…
Jennifer, let me know if Luc likes "tartar sauce" better than "stinky!"
Jessie Carty said…
agreeing to do extra BEFORE school! I am impressed! Although I'm hoping your kids don't leave at the ridiculous hour we had to leave for school when I was a kid, like 6am! We did nothing before school but sleep a little longer with our clothes on before the bus came :)

I confess that I love the word Testify and I, as a 35 year old woman without children, often use the word stinky in favor of other expletives.
January said…
No, we leave the house at a normal time, around 8 a.m--thank goodness. But like this morning, my sleep patterns are a little erratic, so I'm up early using the time to write before the kids wake up.
Heidi G said…
I have to wonder what would the comment "tartar sauce is stinky! mean?

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