Waterline Reading

Here's a photo from last night's Waterline reading at Babson College. Despite the rain, it was nice to see so many friends and coworkers in the audience. Special thanks to fellow reader Lindsay Coleman for sharing her poetry.

If the weather had been better, I would have taken pictures of the Glavin Family Chapel, which is a non-denominational center for worship on campus. It is a beautiful building enclosed by stain-glass windows. This picture does not to the structure justice in the least.


You have one day left to enter my poetry giveaway. One lucky winner will win 5 CavanKerry books. Enter by April 1!


Yes, for those who were wondering, I got up yesterday morning and colored Easter eggs with the kids. Since I'm traveling to Atlanta on April 1 for my reading with Georgia Center for the Book (woo hoo), there was no other time to do it.

Guess I'll be having Easter eggs for lunch today.


Oh, Read Write Poem ... say it ain't so!


Yesterday, I gave an interview for the North section of the Boston Globe. Should run next week for National Poetry Month!


I haven't been this happy in a long time. Bring on April!


Jennifer said…
it's really too bad about readwritepoem! there's shewrites but that's gender specific and NOT enough poetry specific for me. there's goodreads but again not enough on poetry--esp. articles about. most of my poetry posts on facebook get lost on 2/3 of my "friends" (non-po-folk). what to do? centralized locales online are nice...
Barry Napier said…
Nothing at all wrong with easter eggs for dinner. Might I suggest the almost-too-sweet Cadbury variety?...
Jessie Carty said…
so if i color easter eggs even though i don't have kids it is totally cool cause i'll then eat them for breakfast! :)

love that picture.

sorry to hear about read/write/poem as well. there are a few other sites but nothing that really combines what read/write/poem did just for poetry.

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