Nin and Me

When you read Nin Andrews’ work, it leaps off the page. But when you hear her read it, multiply that by 10! Her humor, quick wit, and biting tongue really come through—with a southern accent dolloped on top. It was a pleasure to read with her last night.

Thanks to all who came out to Brookline Booksmith to hear our poetry.


I would have loved to have been here! 2 wonderful poets in one place-- incredible!

Nin Andrews is a favorite of mine (as are you!), I'm sure this might have qualified for best reading of the year so far! Congrats!

Thanks for the photos!
Jessie Carty said…
thanks for sharing the pictures :)
January said…
My pleasure, ladies! It was a fun reading.
A quick glance at your subject line had me thinking that this entry was going to be about you and NIN (Nine Inch Nails).
Kay Cooke said…
January - you sure have had it tough lately - but it seems there were high points as well. So that's good. I have been having a bit of bad luck myself last few days. Makes you want to crawl into bed, pull the blankets over your head and wake up when it's all over doesn't it? (BTW I haven't forgotten our exchange ... am on to it ... :)
Louise Robbins said…
I really enjoyed your reading. The poem about your daughter was especially moving. And the one about okra made me hungry! Thank you.

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