Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks. Time to hear your confessions! Share a little of yourself with us and we'll do the same. And don't forget to say a prayer for the folks doin' time in The Confessional (see sidebar).

If you're confessing on your blog, let me know so I can come by and visit your neck of the woods.

Too bad I don’t have a guest Confessor today. I’m sure his/her confessions would be much more interesting than mine.


Work-life balance is a myth. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to themselves.

Feels like my life is spinning away from me. Not quite out of control but definitely more interesting and more complicated. It's time to take control of it but psyching myself up to do that requires so much willpower. Ugh. I'll get there.


My home office is going through a bit of a reorg. I'm cleaning out the clutter of the past to make room for the influx of books I've bought this year. And, I've finally bought an accordion folder to catch all my receipts for po-biz stuff.


I love the idea of making room for something new in my life.


This past weekend I re-read my second manuscript; it's far from ready. I knew this. Still, I was hoping it was further along then when I lasted looked at it. Part of making a manuscript work, I think, is getting the individual poems to read as if they belong together. I like reading collections that feel like there's an arc (but I'm also for a collection of great poems with no arc). I also feel as if I haven't lived with these poems long enough.

I see lots of revision in my future.


I'm really feeling the urge to write poems that "go there." Lots of them. Poems that challenge me and challenge the reader. That's what I'm most excited about this summer. That and spending time with Alex and Ella.


Three words: Red Sox baseball!


evelyn.n.alfred said…
Oh no. Life-work balance is a myth? Dang.

*kicking a rock*
Anonymous said…
Office supplies make me giddy. Accordion folders?! Oy.
odessa said…
yeah, that work-life balance is really overrated. and i hear you on the spinning-out-of-control feeling because i've been feeling like that lately too. BUT we'll get there. or at least try!

here's my late confession:
confession tuesday
January said…
Odessa, we will definitely get there. Thanks for you confessions!

Marie, once I dig myself out of my piles of piles, I'm heading to Staples to organize my writing life.

Evelyn, I think we were all fooled about the work-life balance.

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