Hot, Hot, Hot!

Look at all this HOTNESS! *smile*

This picture of me and Colleen Michaels was taken about six weeks ago. We were much less formal in our poetry reading last night with the Readers and Writers Guild at Christ Church. In fact, we tried something we've never done before: we read in tandem.

Before the event, we decided to "wing it"(that's a technical term). With a brief introduction by host Betsy Retallack, we alternated our poems. Colleen read one of hers, then I followed with one of mine that complemented hers, and so on. We talked in between poems, telling little stories about the pieces and each other. I think we read about 14 poems total for about 40 minutes. It was just lovely--wish I had video of the reading.

I think it gave the audience a fuller picture of who we are, about our friendship, and how we look at poetry. And, it's given us ideas for future readings. It was as if Colleen's poetry presented a question, and I looked to Underlife to find a response. The audience, which was nearly full, really enjoyed the offering. It was a nice lead-in to the open mike that followed. So many talented writers in that community. What a treat!

After, Colleen and I celebrated with drinks and pizza, and yes, I was carded! There comes a point when being asked for ID is OK in my book. Wasn't so fun in my 20s, but now that I'm in my 40s, card away!


Happy end of National Poetry Month! Even though I only wrote half as many poems as I thought I would, I'm thrilled for the output.


Kids are away this weekend, so I'm headed into Somerville for a visit with the Bagel Bards, and then a visit to the Grolier Book Shop in Cambridge. Oh, happy day!


When I heard the weather forecast that Sunday, the temperature should hit 90 degrees, all I could think about was The Cure's Hot, Hot, Hot! Was going to leave you with that video, but it doesn't exactly match how I'm feeling. So here's a little Buster Poindexter for you. Sometimes a little cheese is good!


Catherine said…
My daughter still gets asked for ID, and she's well into her thirties. The trouble is her passport expired, and since she bought a house she has no plans to travel so doesn't want to get another one. And she doesn't have a driver's license (not owning a car is how she has enough money to own a house!). So, no ID - apparently an expired passport is no good, even though it has her photo and birthdate. She says she can always get her younger sisters to buy her alcohol for her!
Jessie Carty said…
So funny that you did a tandem reading recently too! The first one I did was with poet Rob Abbate because our reading was one person we didn't know and two people we did know. It went so well that I suggested it when I read with Maureen Sherbondy in front of another audience of two and we loved it! I highly recommend the tandem reading. Keeps it fresh!

And so awesome on being carded. I was carded a few weeks back (I'm 35) and when the cashier handed me back my ID she said - good for you. Made my day!

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