Outside with the Bagel Bards this morning in Davis Square.


After visiting the Bards, Jennifer Jean and I went to the Grolier Poetry Book Shop. It is the oldest poetry bookstore in operation in the U.S., 100 percent dedicated to poetry. I signed a copy of Underlife, so run, don't walk, and get that copy off the shelf!

I picked up a copy of Tom Yuill's new book, Medicine Show. Tom and I went to Old Dominion University many moons ago. Tomorrow he's reading with Rosanna Warren in Cambridge at a reading sponsored by Grolier, which I will be attending. Yea for Tom!


Then I headed over to Boston University for The Charles River Literary Fair. I got there late, and on a day as glorious as today, attendance was lower than expected. But several vendors were there promoting their publications. Had a chance to talk to the folks at The Boston Review. They're very excited to be the recipient of the 2010 Utne Independent Press Award for Best Writing. Congrats!


Also spoke with Hannah Baker-Siroty of The Writers' Room of Boston. This 16,000-square-foot space dedicated to writers. For the past year, I've been dreaming of getting a space away from the house so I can write. It would mean less time at Starbucks (which is where I am now), but 24/7 access. So on the weekends with the kids away, it's conceivable that I could go to Boston and write in the overnight writing session. Why not? I wonder what a change in routine would do for my writing. Maybe I'll finally finish manuscript #2.


Also, I've been dreaming of going on a weekend writing retreat. Brook Farm Inn is a poetry inn. Well, it's a bed and breakfast that has an extensive poetry library and hosts readings and events. I was there in 1996 with a class from NYU. I'll have to see if I can find the photos. Galway Kinnell and Sharon Olds were our hosts. That was a lifetime ago, In fact, I think NYU stopped taking classes there after our year (was it something we said?).

In any case, I like the idea of having a weekend devoted to poetry. No kids. No distractions. The question is: what do I want more, a space I can access whenever I need it, or a weekend to rejuvenate my soul? Don't think I can do both financially, so which one will give me the biggest lift?


Anonymous said…
speaking of dreaming, i have often thought about creating a writing room in the albany area ... this has me thinking!
January said…
You definitely should do it, Carolee. Create a space solely for writing, without distractions.
Anonymous said…
i wonder how they make it work financially. i'm not one of the financial geniuses of my generation. :)

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