Soup and Song

How did I come to read poetry on an island 13 miles off the coast of Rhode Island?

About a month ago, Pastor Steve Holloway sent me an e-mail titled, “Would you like to come to Block Island with the kids?” An e-mail like that deserved serious attention. Steve, also a poet, went on to explain that he found my poetry online, and watched a YouTube video from the CityLit Festival in April. It turned out to be the weekend the kids stayed with their father, so I went down with my BFF Suzie and had a blast!

We read at the Soup and Song coffeehouse, a space inside the church where the local community share a meal, along with music and poetry. We had a packed crowd of children and adults from all over the island.

It was an honor to read with Steve and Rhode Island Poet Laureate Lisa Starr.

She reminded us to stay in the moment, to be present and not let the days slip away without noticing them. I took that message to heart, listening to that little voice inside of me every time it spoke.

I slept. I wrote. I walked along the beach and collected rocks. I ate blueberry pancakes two days in a row (Yum!). Most important, I laughed a lot and took plenty of pictures.

My sincere thanks to Steve and his family for sharing their home with us, and giving me some much needed "me" time.

The Harbor Light Church with yard sale in progress.

The Southeast Lighthouse.

A view from the ferry.


Collin Kelley said…
What a gorgeous place!
January said…
Yes! Block Island is breathtaking.
I so wish I could have been there. Maybe next time!
January said…
Yes, definitely next time.

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