Last Stop on the Virtual Blog Tour for Underlife!

Say it ain't so?! Are we pulling into the station? Well, I ,for one, am having too much fun on this blog tour! Thank you to all of the reviewers for Underlife. I couldn't have asked for more. Can't think of a better person to end the blog tour than Carolee Sherwood. Here's an excerpt of her review:

" ... I think the best way for me to talk about Underlife is to cut to the parts that grab me by the throat. It’s an important way for me to go through the collection because it also happens to be how I experience January’s work: a gentle pace, a calm demeanor, a soothing rhythm, and then — the edge. It works beautifully, and I hope I am able to capture some examples."

And she does, quite well.

Check out reviews from all the participants below. And thanks to Kimberlee Gerstmann for participating in the blog tour. Her review is not posted but when it comes in I'll add it to the list.

Look at all the awesomeness! Please Please Please vistit all the blogs by participants. They ROCK!

Tour stops for Underlife
Apr. 13 :: Kelli Russell Agodon :: Book of Kells
Apr. 15 :: Donna Vorreyer :: Put Words Together. Make Meaning.
Apr. 20 :: Joseph Harker :: Naming Constellations
Apr. 22 :: Sarah J. Sloat :: The Rain in My Purse
Apr. 29 :: Wanda McCollar :: Piping of Plenty
May 1 :: Carolee Sherwood :: Carolee Sherwood


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