Thursday, May 06, 2010


Why did I post pictures of my yard? This spring and summer, I decided to focus on the outside of the house. For months, I would make a list and try to motivate myself into a direction. Picking paint colors for rooms stresses me out. Can't tell you how satisfying it is to see the piles and piles of leaves cleared away.

It feels like my life is moving ahead in a positive direction again. I'm looking forward to entertaining in this space, something I haven't done in the last year and a half. The weight of the past feels like it's lifting.


Thursday is my work-from-home day. It's the one day of the work week where I get to recalibrate. My commute can be more that two hours roundtrip, so I appreciate having the day at home to work without the stress of the drive.


I just received an offer to read on Block Island, and I get to bring the kids!


I'm finishing up a poem I started during NaPoWriMo but never posted (poem #8). Thanks to the Salem Writers Group for the feedback. Feels good to revise and finish a poem.


Tonight, the kids and I made and decorated cupcakes. Yum!


I am happy, happy, happy!


Anonymous said...

Nice to look forward.Your yard looks great.Mom

January said...

Thanks Mom!


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