Weekend Wrap-Up

Alex and Ella have made sticking their tongues out and mugging for the camera an art form. But, they are pretty darn cute.


We spent part of the weekend with my college friends in Springfield. It's a nice visit for us because the kids play well together. They went off to play for long periods of time, so I was able to a chance to hang out with the adults. They enjoy the freedom, and I love being able to hear my own thoughts.


Happy birthday, Heather!


Finally made it to the dr.'s on Friday for antibiotics. I guess I had a sinus infection, a first for me. I'm not one to get sick but this caught me by surprise. Feeling much better today.


Had a great time on Sunday reading poetry at the Open Studios event at the Newton JCC. I read with the Bagel Bards in a round. Nice to read with other local poets surrounded by art!


Jessie Carty said…
they are super cute :) seeing them makes me look even more forward to seeing my niece and nephew in June!
Anonymous said…
Not just any kid can rock the whole sticking-your-tongue out biz, and here you have TWO! What beauts!
Alex and Ella are growing fast--look at those long legs on Ella! I still think of her having little short fat baby arms and legs, and not these long thin appendages....

Glad you went to the dr and are feeling better, and glad you arwe having such fun/w readings, etc!

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