Memorial Day

This is my dad and me in November, 1970. I'm not sure where mom took the picture, maybe in military housing on one of dad's trips to Hawaii, or somewhere in Virginia where he was stationed.

My dad served two tours of duty in Vietnam. He was in the Marines for 20 years, and worked as a civilian police office on the Norfolk Naval Base for another 22 years. He's retired, and now serves my mom--as it should be! *smile*

On this Memorial Day, I celebrate my father, all the enlisted men and women serving now, the families of those who serve, and those who have served this country during the years.

Love you, Dad!


Melissa said…
Many thanks to your dad for his service!
January said…
Thanks Melissa!
Rethabile said…
You haven't changed one bit.
January said…
I'm a little taller! :)

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