Green Eggs and Ham

The kids and I woke up this morning and read books, which we tend to do from time to time. I usually do the reading, but today, Alex, my six-year old, read Green Eggs and Ham all by himself! I had forgotten how hard it is to make sense of words at the most basic level. He had a little trouble with words like "will" and "would," but his effort was just amazing! It was a true mommy moment for me! My baby's growing up. *sniff! sniff!*


Last night, members of our local writers' group got together to plan upcoming events for Arts Fest Beverly. Poet Colleen Michaels has spearheaded an effort to have writers added to the hefty roster of artists and musicians taking part this year. Lots of kid activities and adult entertainment in the Writers' Studio on Cabot Street. Scroll down for schedule details.


I have the day off. Yahoo! Block Island, here I come. Also, hope to see the movie Sex in the City 2. Enjoy the weekend.


Jessie Carty said…
yay to reading!

as i was reading this, i was thinking of when my sister was in kindergarten and i was trying to help her learn to read while we were on the bus going to school. i remember trying to explain the word "the"

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