Confession Tuesday

It’s the last Tuesday in May! Share a little of yourself with us and we promise to do the same. Also, be sure to say hi to the folks doing time in The Confessional (see sidebar).

Feel better, mom!


Thanks to everyone for the kind words about my poem “Early Memory” on the Academy of American Poets’ Web site. Can’t tell you how honored I am to be a part of their poem-a-day series. Woo hoo!


Last night, my friend and Underlife cover designer Eric Stich took new publicity photos of me. We set about on the streets of Boston to find settings with an urban feel. I’m so used to taking pictures of everyone else that it’s hard to get in front of the camera. If we get anything worth showing, I’ll post a few on the blog.

Oh heck, it was fun being out on a Monday night. Thanks Eric!


With the help my neighbor Katie, my vegetable garden has been planted! Anyone who knows me knows that gardening is not my thing. I like the finished product, and while digging a hole in the ground is not that big of a deal, well, I’d rather write a poem about gardening than doing the work. Anyway, Katie came over with her young son; all the kids played together while we tilled, dug, and planted. And now it’s done. One more thing off the list!


I complain a lot about not getting things done off of my to-do list, but I was reminded yesterday of how much I do daily. But I'm still not writing very much. So a friend suggested that instead of writing every night, I should try consecutive days—two days on, one day off. Maybe I can pick up some momentum, which will take the pressure off. Also, this new mini-schedule will allow me to get in some reading. So here’s this week's list.

1. Write two poems
2. Revise and put together a set of poems for submissions
3. Pitch an article
4. Write a book review
5. Update blog; I think it’s time for a refresh


Jessie Carty said…
My confession is - I am WAY behind on my blog reading but I'll catch up as much as I can.

I also had been doing well on eating healthier and moving more but I felt the urge to go to Weight Watchers yesterday so after dropping $28 and picking up material and finding out I lost 5 pounds and 2 inches on my own (in less than a month) realized I blew $28 cause I know how crazy weight watchers (any counting diet plan) makes me.

Back to my oatmeal and avocados and TMI :)
January said…
TMI is OK on Confession Tuesday!

I have a few friends who swear by WW. Sounds like you're eating healthy foods, which will only help you in the long run. :)

And I'm behind on reading blogs, too. If there were 28 hours in a day, I still wouldn't have enough time to get things done.

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