100,000-Mile Club

At some point during the week, the Poet Mom blog hit 100,000 visitors. Wow! Thanks for reading this blog, putting up with my failings and cheering my successes. I've maintained that I am my first, best audience, meaning this is a space for me first. The fact that people read what's here is a happy accident--100,000 times over! Thank you.


If you're a lurker or a regular reader, stop in and say hello!


For the second night, I've been up around 2 a.m. working on poems. One complete, one in the works. Woo hoo! Usually I post new poems but the finished poem is more personal than others so I'm holding it back. But if all goes to plan I should be posting new work throughout the month. As Kelli says, "Every day is beginning. A new opportunity to create." No more excuses. It's time to write.


As I'm revising my second manuscript and looking at possible titles, I've been reflecting on Underlife. The last poem in the book uses the word underlife, but the word originally came from Toi Derricotte's poem "The Minks." So the use of the word is a tip of the hat to my professor, mentor, and friend.


This has been a roller coaster of the week, and now we're bracing for Hurricane Earl, which should arrive later today in New England. Must call my parents to see how they're doing in the Tidewater (VA) area. If you're in the affected area, stay safe. My thoughts are with you.


Kells said…
Congrats on 100000! And I am not surprised, your blog is one of my very very favorites!

And good for you for your late night poems! For awhile, the poems I wrote after dark were the ones that were being accepted. I think because when everyone was asleep and the world was quite, I was more honest, with myself, with the reader and with the poem.
odessa said…
congrats january! wohooo! here's to many more years of blogging :)

p.s. hope you have a great weekend.
Anonymous said…

Congratulations on 100,000. I just stumbled upon your blog and I must say I might be one of them i the future. I just finished Underlife and I must say is is superb. I'm actually studying your first collection in a Graduate poetry course, so I was pleased to find your blog online. Late night poems are a joy. Although I haven't writing as much as I would like or should. I am hoping to change this though. Congratulations on all of your success!


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