Confession Tuesday

It’s the last Confession Tuesday of the summer (*big sigh*). Time to share a bit of yourself with us, and we promise to do the same. Everybody’s doing it. You know you want to. How’s that for peer pressure?!

I have been gushing about the Salem Lit Fest, but I can’t put my finger on why exactly. Maybe I needed the lift that comes from not working and not having the kids to watch. I loved being surrounded by my community—literally: my neighbors and my writing community. It was the energy boost I was craving but didn't know it at the time.


I’m trying to ride this feeling as long as I can. So far, so good.


The 2011 Massachusetts Poetry Festival--all will be revealed in due time. (HA! How's that for a teaser.)


I’m really bad at remembering names and faces, especially with people I meet at readings and events. Unless we’ve been trapped in an elevator for six hours, I probably know your face but can’t place the name. Don’t take it personally. I’m working on it.


For those who know my fondness for writing at Starbucks, did you know I don’t drink coffee? I think it’s kinda gross, actually. I’m a huge tea drinker.

When I’m there, I drink hot chocolate, even in the summer. And now, it’s a mental trigger to go to my local Starbucks, snag a table, order a grande (or a venti if I’m staying for longer than an hour), and get to work. The baristas know me and prep my order before I reach the counter. I may give them a shout out in my next book.


Speaking of shout outs, a virtual round of applause two of my favorite poets with new books: Jim Brock’s Gods & Money, and Kelli Russell Agodon’s Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room. Go and tell them how fabulous they are! Hugs to both!


It’s just before 5 a.m., so after I post this I will take the next hour to compile first-round edits from folks reading manuscript #2. Extremely favorable comments overall. I’m still struggling a little with the order in the first section, and I need to take out a few poems because it’s a bit long. But I’ve very happy with its progress.

Next steps: revise and send to a few more readers. Then compile, review, and send out. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Hoping to send out my collection in a month or so. Still no title yet.


It's your turn. Fess up!


Jessie Carty said…
Congrats first of all on all the good news! And then I must confess that I finished a poet friends book recently and I found their use of commas irksome. That makes me officially a writing comp teacher :)

Oh and inonly drink the tea at Starbucks to!
January said…
Thanks Jessie.

You know, I have issues with commas, too. The editor in me conflicts with the poet in me.

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