Poets in the Round

(L-R, Jennifer Jean, Claire Keyes, Colleen Michaels, Kevin Carey, J.D. Scrimgeour, and Dawn Paul--Members of the Salem Writers Group.)

This is a photo from our rehearsal for the Life of the Poem and Poets in the Round sessions at this weekend's Salem Lit Festival. If last night was any indication, our sessions will be a spontaneous mix of craft, poetry, insights, and laughter. Thanks again to Jennifer for planning the events.


Today I'm driving down to Adelphi University to speak with students. Can't think of a better way to spend this day.


Feeling very grateful today for my two wonderful children. My day begins and ends with them. They are my silver linings. My happy noodles.


Jennifer Jean said…
thanks for posting this picture! i love it! so glad to have you as part of my community of writers :)

hugs :)

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