Mission Possible

I’m DYING to give you the scoop on the 2011 Massachusetts Poetry Festival. I have the date. I have the location. We’re almost there. If I told you now, however, I’d have to kill you.


A few nights ago, I spent the evening with poet Colleen Michaels as we sat down to go over my second manuscript. She brought chocolates and bread, and I supplied the Prosecco. It was a great exercise to talk through my poems after receiving other valuable comments from friends via e-mail.

I'm having trouble with the first section. Do I make a bold statement, or start with a gradual progression? Also, the Misery Islands poem, which is in the third section, is almost there. Just needs some tightening up. I've enjoyed the process of assembling this manuscript because I've learned a lot about myself and how I organize a collection.


I submitted poems to three publications this week. Woo hoo! I love this in-between time because I haven’t been rejected yet. Anything can happen. Yes, The New Yorker could take my poems. Hell, anything’s possible. Remember, I believe in aiming high. *smile*

Still working on fellowship applications.


Most people balk at procrastination, but I embrace that side of myself. It helps me prioritize and focus what needs to be done in the moment. If I have too much time, I tend to waste it.


I’m challenging myself to write a new poem today at some point during my hair appointment, child’s birthday party, or kids’ sleepover tonight. Life is nothing without its challenges.

On Sunday, I’m going to hear Major Jackson read at the Pierre Menard Gallery in Cambridge. He attended the Cave Canem retreat in its first year—I was there in its second year. Not sure if our paths ever crossed but it will be nice to hear his new work.


What are your plans this weekend?


Anonymous said…
A friend & I were just talking about MassPo 2011--we were just too indundated to get something together for this year. Tell me tell me tell me!

I love this in-between time because I haven’t been rejected yet. Anything can happen. Me, too! But when the in-between time stretches past what I expected I get distracted beyond all reason! Good luck!
Kathleen said…
A delight to read about your process, and best wishes on those submissions!
Jim K. said…
A reading went bad.
I'm thinking about the
O'Hara awards in Worcester.
Might get to hear some cool stuff.

That and nail-biting.
A mental health to a beach, praps.

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