By the Numbers

In the process for applying for grants (finished an app. last night), I updated my list of published works. Going back to 1996, I've had 25 poems published in 19 print journals or websites. I know it's about quality and not quantity; I just don't submit to many publications. One-third of those acceptances happened in 2008-2009, before Underlife went to press. And this doesn't seem right, but I have one publication to my credit this year. Yikes!


Also by my estimation, this year I've been involved in roughly 20 poetry readings or poetry related events. This is something I have to marvel at because in 2009, I don't think I had more than four things scheduled. I'm just amazed that I've had opportunities to travel, meet people, and share my poetry with the poetry community--virtual and in person. Feeling very grateful today.


Today I sign papers to refinance my mortgage! Woo hoo! I'm saving a bundle, which will allow me to put more away for a rainy-day fund. Hard to maintain a family on one income, so this comes as a really good time. Fortunately, the process was much easier than I thought it would be, and the interest rates are at an all-time low. Yea!


Happy September 1! New to-do list to come.


Catherine said…
19 journals sounds good to me. I'm not sure if we even have that many in New Zealand. (Of course, I could submit to overseas publications, but I want to get a good local base first.)
January said…
Catherine, now that I think about it, none of my publications have been international journals. Do you have any you can recommend to read and to submit my work.
Jennifer Jean said…
jan, i think we only have so much time/energy and if you're giving readings then you're not writing. simple math. and ultimately ok. (talking to me too here!)
Jim K. said…
Super news on the refi!
There is quantity galore now.
Quality...and maybe timing..trump.
I think. IMO
And in timing, hanging in across
the years is a good thing. Maybe
aiming the right piece at the right
place some day...
I worry..people who pump out a
couple books a something
great lost in the flood of everytthing? I hesitate. Besides, I can't seem to get away much..yet.
January said…
Jim, quality and timing is key. Thanks for the reminder.

"is something
great lost in the flood of everything?" Probably. The po-biz is imperfect, too many talented people without books in print. Not enough cream rising to the top. But, there's no substitute for persistence.

Thanks about the refi! :)
January said…
Jennifer, something about simple math, time, and energy called me back to the computer. Yes, ultimately it's OK.

We've had an amazing year, Jennifer. XO
Jessie Carty said…
I dream of being able to refinance but the value of our house hasn't increased enough to make it worth it yet :(

I need to go back and count the individual journals myself but your numbers sound pretty solid and your reading schedule even moreso!!!

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