Saturday, September 18, 2010

Update from the Salem Lit Fest

If last night's crowd is any indication of turnout for the Salem Lit Fest, then the weekend will be a sellout!

Here's a photo of Salem's own Brunonia Barry, author of The Lace Reader, our emcee for the lit fest's opening event. There was a reading from the winner of a lit fest-sponsored writing contest, and a reading by Lily King, author of Father of the Rain. Lovely woman. She shared her process--bought her journals to show off her handwritten draft. And she read from chapter four of "Father." Wish I had snapped a picture but forgot to ask. I won't make that mistake today.

I'm stepping in tonight at the Thursday on Saturday poetry reading for the fabulous Mignon Ariel King, who is unable to attend. Hope everything's OK, Mignon.


Just finished my Guggenheim fellowship application!! Yea! It's out of my hands. Probably bad form to make my intentions so public but I just feel such overwhelming relief I just have to share. No guarantees. But it's out in the world now. Whew!


I'm out like a scout, off to catch Erin Dionne's presentation with Kat Black on Writing as a Career Choice. Should be a good one.


I'm wicked late. Forgive the typos.

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