Steve Almond

I don't think there's a genre that Steve Almond hasn't attempted. He calls himself a failed poet but I know better. At the Quick Fiction: Utter Amazement event, he was utterly amazing, which was hard to do at the noisy venue. He read his from his piece in Quick Fiction, as well as his self-published title This Won't Take but a Minute, Honey. If you haven't read Steve's work in The Rumpus, go do that now ... then come back here.

I had a chance to pick up his second self-published title, Letters from People Who Hate Me, a slimmer-than-slim volume of really vicious rants directed toward Steve, and his witty, sardonic responses. Well worth the $5 for this gem.

I've known Steve for a while now from traveling in the same Boston literary circles. (Don't think he remembers we had dinner together once in Cambridge, before My Life in Heavy Metal was published.) So anytime I hear him read, whatever he's reading, I know it's going to be good.

(And yes, Steve, we can still game this place!)


Rethabile said…
Most good poets I know think they aren't good poets.
January said…
He's a poet in fiction writer's clothing.

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