You've Come a Long Way, Baby!

This is Ella on her first day of kindergarten. Yep, that's my baby!


Last night, I met with my writers group in Salem. Always a good reality check for my poems. I love that there are first-time group members commenting on my work with the same vigor and interest as the regulars. And it's just nice to get out of the house on a Tuesday night and talk about poetry.


Terrance Hayes, The Ride: Finding a Love That's Gonna Last


Do you know what the word "refudiate" means? Neither do I. But apparently Sarah Palin's combination of "refute" and "repudiate," used twice during the summer, has made it the Word of the Summer according to Merriam-Webster. No judgements here. Just a big ol' sigh. *SIGH*

My spell check refutes the word refudiate.


"Refudiate" is pretty good--I'll use it in a sentence today.

Congrats on the kindergarten! :)
January said…
My all-time, favorite, made-up word is "strategery." I use it as much as I can in the office.

Thanks Hannah!
Jennifer Jean said…
first of all, that pic of terrance hayes--HOT! (ahem) and my favorite part of the essay: "Car=poem...I think too few car makers are building cars a soul can live in/with."

i like made up words actually. sometimes it engenders a kind of intimacy: for instance, i tell my husband he has a lot of "snootential" (the potential for snootyness :)

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