Confession Tuesday

It's Tuesday, but not just any Tuesday--It's Confession Tuesday! This is the day you tell us a little something about yourself. Surprise us. We promise to do the same.

Today, Ella Rose starts kindergarten. Woo hoo! She is so excited to start, especially since her brother started a week earlier. Now, both of my little ones are in school. Sadly, they're not so little anymore. Pictures to come.

It's been a while since anything has excited me as much as the start of a new grade.


Is there anything new and exciting going on in poetry? I'm feeling a bit blase about poetry these days. In business and technology, you can point to an industry or a product and clearly spot the trends. But because poetry is somewhat insular, I'm wondering what's "the new next" for poetry. Is it a new form? A new poet shaking up the establishment? What the latest technology to take poetry to the next level? (Please don't say e-readers--we're not there yet.)



Last night, I was fiddling with the order of poems in my second manuscript. Such a balance trying to get the poems to flow. But I'm getting closer. I'm waiting for the first-round feedback to trickle in this week. Then some more tweaks and another round of reviews before I feel comfortable enough to send out to a publisher.


Check out the latest version Ouroboros Review. Aside from the top-notch poetry, there's an interview with Kelli Russell Agodon and me. Very cool.


The holiday weekend gave me a chance to knock a few items off my To-Do List. But there's still much to do this week:

  1. Work on two upcoming poetry events related to the Mass Poetry Festival. One of them is a regional event I'm co-organizing with Salem/Newburyport poets for October 3.
  2. Revise manuscript (ongoing).
  3. Apply for two fellowships. One of them is due 9/15.
  4. Update blog. I keep putting it off for some reason.
  5. Write two new poems.
  6. Submit work to three publications.


Last week was so stressful that I'm trying to take a few minutes out of each day to walk. Even if it's a 10-minute stretch, I need to do something to center me. Besides, I want to wring as much summer as possible out of these warm September days.


Michelle said…
I love your blog! You keep inspiring me to pursue my passion for poetry! I thought this site might inspire you for your blog update. I'm not sure if it's your style, but they have lots of neat elements. And they are all free! p.s. I have nothing to do with the site--I just found it when I was looking for ideas!
Wendy Wisner said…
Loved the interview with you and Kelli. And I've been meaning to tell you that I read your book this summer and thought it was fabulous! Looking forward to following your blog.

Wendy Wisner (a fellow Poet/Mom)
Jim K. said…
General shifts in poetry but
I can see a new thing...
I'm still trying to puzzle over
the reader issue. Seems like the
shops keep blowing the opportunity
to have a helper load things up
and show older folks how to use
them. They can use the
adjustable print size.
Jim K. said…
oops...'can't' see a big new thing

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