2010 Appearances: By the Numbers

Taking a page out of Jessie Carty’s book, here’s my crazy schedule from this year. There are some classroom dates at Salem State I didn't write down in my calendar!

2010 Appearances/Readings/Workshops etc.

  1. January 9, Cornerstone Books, Salem, MA

  2. January 12, Robert Frost Foundation Hoot, Café Azteca, Lawrence, MA

  3. January 14, Reading with Bonnie Bishop, Philip E. Burnham, and Michael B. Zack, The Laureate Series at Boston City Hall, Boston, MA

  4. January 17, Reading with Paul Hostovsky, Dan Tobin, and Afaa Michael Weaver, Poetry in the Chapel, Jamaica Plain, MA

  5. February 3, SPEAK UP! Spoken Word Open Mike, Lynn, MA

  6. February 18, Reading with Kathi Morrison-Taylor, American Poetry Museum, Washington, DC

  7. February 19, Hillyer Open Mic Event, International Arts & Artists, Washington, DC

  8. February 25 Reading with Afaa Michael Weaver, Salem State University

  9. February 27, A Century of Black Voices, Brookline Public Library, Brookline, MA

  10. March 2, Reading with Nin Andrews, Brookline Booksmith, Brookline, MA

  11. March 10, PIL Coffeehouse and Open Mic Night, Danvers Library, Danvers, MA

  12. March 12, reading with John Ishion Hutchinson, John Murillo, and Sung J. Woo, NYU

  13. March 30, Waterline Reading Series, Babson College

  14. April 1, Reading with James May, Poetry Atlanta, Decatur, GA

  15. April 6, classroom visit at Babson College

  16. April 7, Cave Canem/Kundiman Reading, AWP, Denver, CO

  17. April 9, Reading at Cave Canem booth, AWP Denver

  18. April 16, Cave Canem reading with R. Dwayne Betts and Raina Leon at NYU

  19. April 17, Reading with Ron Egatz, John Murillo, Paul Nelson, and Shelly Puhak, City Lit Festival, Baltimore, MD

  20. April 17, GBSPA Poetry fundraiser, Brockton, MA

  21. April 30, Reading with Colleen Michaels, Readers and Writers Guild at Christ Church, Hamilton, MA

  22. May 16, Reading with Bagel Bards, Newton Open Studios Event, Newton, MA

  23. May 22, Home Grown Festival—Beverly Public Library Fundraiser, Beverly, MA

  24. May 28, Reading with Lisa Starr, Soup and Song Coffeehouse, Block Island, RI

  25. June 13, Mike Amado Memorial Series, Plymouth, MA

  26. June 19, Beverly Arts Festival, Beverly, MA

  27. June 15, Boston Life, radio interview with Erin Dionne

  28. July 30, A Boston Poet Tea Party, Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge

  29. August 3, JHPF First Tuesday’s reading series, Elmhurst, NY

  30. August 6, Reading with Jennifer Jean and Colleen Michaels, Poets in Nassau, New Hyde Park, NY

  31. August 8, Fish Flake Hill Talent Show (yes, it counts!), Beverly, MA

  32. August 9, Stone Soup Series, Out of the Blue Gallery, Cambridge, MA

  33. September 15, visit to Adelphi University, Garden City, NY

  34. September 19, 20, Salem Lit Fest, multiple readings

  35. October 3, 4x4 Newburyport and Salem Writers reading (host), Salem Athenaeum, Salem MA

  36. October 16, Wake Up and Smell the Poetry, public access TV show, Hopkinton, MA

  37. October 18, Guest lecturer with Babson College students, Babson College

  38. October 28, Improbable Places Poetry Tour, Beverly, MA

  39. November 9, Reading with Ruby Poltorak and Philip Burnham, Newton Free Library Poetry Series, Newton, MA

  40. November 17, Reading with Susan Rich, Porter Square Books, Cambridge, MA

  41. November 21, Reading with Susan Rich, Kevin Pilkington, and Mark Statman, Miami Book Festival International, Miami, FL

  42. December 19, Reading with Major Jackson, Brookline Poetry Series, Brookline, MA

Yikes! What can I say? April was a busy month. July? Not so much.

What I do want to say is a heartfelt thank you to all the organizers, poets, and poetry lovers who came out to see me read in 2010. It meant the world to me.

I’m actually a little frightened of what 2011 might bring. But sometime you have to see where you've been to know where you're going.


Anonymous said…
this is a very impressive list!!! how does it compare to pre-"underlife" years?
Jim K. said…
Big corporate push..
will be glad of a break.

Mark has you in at
April 12th, I think:
(With Jennifer)

Pilar Quintana and I are Jan.11
(the hoots run 2nd Tuesdays)..
January said…
Jim, thanks for the tip. I'll double check my dates!

Hope you have a great holiday.
January said…
Carolee, pre-Underlife the list is nonexistent. I did some open mics but nothing like 2010.
Jim K. said…
phew..have you scheduled
any rest?
Susan Rich said…
Wow ~ talk about hard work. You've done amazingly this year. I am so glad we met -- and I believe our reading together twice in one week, in two different states is a personal best. I can't wait to plan your west coast appearances and hopefully see you in May. All best for a well deserved rest over the next few days. I can't wait to work with you again in 2011 -- and to read your new soon-to-be-taken book.

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