"You're a Bad Banana with a Greasy, Black Peel."

The kids and I were watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" last night. Never gets old. Although, have you ever listened to the lyrics of this song? Yikes.

(I can think of a few people who fit the descriptions perfectly.)


Since putting up the Christmas tree last week, I'm officially in the Christmas spirit. Hoping to do all of my shopping with the click of a mouse.


This week, I'm hoping to blurb a friend's manuscript, enter a few contests, write two new poems, and update my Goodreads listing. With the silly season upon us, I have to make an extra effort to make space for writing before the end of the year.


How about you? Are you a bit of a Grinch this year or are you ready for the holidays?


Jim K. said…
That's #1 here.
The movie never touched the
Peewee's Christmas Special is #2.

Finding almost enough fun things.
Doinf 'Secret Santas' simplifies it
a lot, and you can afford to get
something decent.
January said…
What about the old animated specials for Rudolph, and "The Year without a Santa Claus?" All good specials.

Secret Santa is a great idea. Won't work in my familt because we're big gift-givers, but I like the idea of it. Makes shopping a breeze.

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