Jingle All the Way

Last night, I crawled into bed at 8:30 p.m.--fully clothed--knowing I would fall asleep. Didn't care. I was exhausted from getting just four hours of sleep Monday night and three hours on Tuesday night. Now I feel rested and ready to go! Good thing because I have to shovel the snow that fell in the overnight hours.


This is my last day of work for 2010. Yahoo! After work, I have a full afternoon of running errands, shopping, and attending meetings. I say, bring it!


In putting together my list of appearances, I quickly scanned through the year that was 2010. So many terrific dates I had forgotten about (Block Island was a particular favorite). Looking back also reminded me of some of the great moments I had with the Alex and Ella. They've gotten so big! This has been an incredible year, more joy than pain, thankfully.

The blog has always been a place for me to say whatever I wanted, whether I'm talking about poetry or posting pictures of the kids. I still enjoy blogging, which is why I blog fairly regularly. It has become my scrapbook. Thanks for allowing me to share my life with you.


This time of year makes me sentimental.


With Christmas upon us, I will probably take a bit of a blogging break. Have to help Santa catch up with his holiday plans. Equally as important, I want to finish the poems I wrote a few weeks ago at the writers' retreat and start new ones. My goal is to have 10 new poems written in December--three more to go.

Haven't been to Starbucks to write in three weeks. I'm having withdrawal symptoms.


Happy Holidays to you! I am also feeling sentimental.
January said…
Happy Holidays to you, too, Hannah!

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