Morning Musings

Friday Friday Friday!

The end of the week couldn’t come fast enough! My parents arrive tomorrow--I’m excited about their visit. It's also nice to have extra sets of hands around the house.


Alex has been devouring the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. The books are cute. I’m so happy both of my children enjoy reading, and that he’s found a series he really enjoys. We usually read first thing in the morning or just before bed. I’m starting to see how this extra attention is paying off for them academically, too.


Must finish holiday shopping this weekend. Ugh.


I’m looking forward to slowing down during the last few weeks of the year. A little reflection but mainly looking ahead to what’s to come. It’s a much calmer time because my world gets very small. We do a lot of visiting with friends and family, while I catch up on everything I’ve let slide the last few months (read: housework and exercise).

Happy Friday, everyone!


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