And Now, for Something Completely Different ...

File this under "WTF?" I've never seen such a random collection of B-list stars in my life for a commercial. It's a Norwegian video promo for the show Gylne Tider (Golden Times), with a bizarre combination of singing and lip syncing to The Beatles "Let It Be."

Enjoy! I guess ...?


Collin Kelley said…
No, this is all lip-synching. This version of Let It Be was recorded by a big group of Brit rock stars in the late 1980s (Boy George, Kate Bush to name two) in aid of the families who lost family and loved ones in the Herald of Free Enterprise ferry disaster. 200 people died when the ferry capsized and sank in the English Channel. It's actually bizarre they used this version of the song. And how they roped Glenn Close into it.
Jim K. said…
you don't mean
"World Taekwondo Federation"..
The wrong-voice things makes for
some strange cognitive dissonance
feelings. Seems a bit...swiped.

Reminds me of the scary weirdness
of the Marcos kids singing
"We Are The World".
January said…
Jim, I missed the Marcos kids. Weird.
January said…
Collin, thanks for the clarification. The whole thing is weird. And I agree, what was Glenn Close thinking?
Jim K. said…
An old memory, from "60 Minutes",
I think.. At the peak of Ferdinand Marcos'
corruption in the Phillipines, his kids
had a sing-a-long at a champagne party on
the presidential yacht. Circa 1985...
Marcos was gone in 1986.

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