Brookline Poetry Series: Reading with Major Jackson

What’s that old adage in Hollywood: never work with kids or animals because they’ll always upstage you? Well, leave it to my daughter, Ella, to upstage her mother. Here she is at the microphone singing Christmas carols before my reading. I have to admit--she was pretty good.

Maybe we should take our act on the road.

My reading with Major Jackson at the Brookline Poetry Series couldn’t have gone any better. My parents were in the audience at their first-every poetry reading; they received a nice round of applause. For the most part the kids were well-behaved. Major and I had a strong showing of friends and poetry lovers at the Brookline Public Library. And for me, it was a personal celebration of Underlife's first year in print.

Major made the drive down from Vermont, no doubt a little stressed from the snowy ride. But you wouldn’t have known it as he read from all three of his collections. He has a certain grace when he reads, moving effortlessly from his Philly experiences to the interior landscapes of Holding Company.

With the full roster of talented open-mic readers, it was a delightful afternoon of poetry. Thanks to Ann Killough, Susana Roberts, and Aimee Sands for putting together a terrific reading.

My parents, (blurry) photo taken by Alex.

There's Alex helping me sell a few books.

Major and me. What a way to close out 2010!


RobynBradley said…
Congratulations on a fabulous year -- you've worked it hard (and well!), woman! (What's the final tally? How many readings did you do in 2010?) Congrats again!
January said…
Thanks Robyn! I should go back and count, but I believe I'm done more than 20--easily. Can't wait to see what 2011 holds.

Hope you are well.
Jessie Carty said…
I love how Ella insists on pulling the mike down to her. So cute! What a great way to close out the end of the year :)

A bit better than mine where two people showed up on a cold Friday night in Winston-Salem... but that's ok!

Have a great new year!
Maureen said…
Wishing you much continued success.
ninsthewriter said…
January--I tried the e-mail address you gave me at the Miami Book Fair--but it bounced back.

I finally got around to buying your book on Barnes & Noble today. A Christmas present to me!

Hope you enjoyed reading my collection. Sorry we didn't have much time to talk at the Miami Book Fair.

Would you like to submit two or three short poems and a short bio to me? I'm poetry editor for
I have a spot open in
February. Please check out our website.

The poems stay up for a week , but are not archived.

All best wishes for happy holidays--
Nina Romano
RobynBradley said…
@Jan -- I'd definitely be curious about the total. You're an inspiration!
January said…
Robyn, the totals are up! The numbers are a little scary, I must admit. Didn't think I had that many readings in one year.
January said…
Nina, I would love to do it. Will send you an e-mail shortly.

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