The View from My Front Door

Hello! You're looking at about 15 inches of snow (and counting), our first major snowstorm in two years. That's my neighbor's house across the way (Hi Katie!). The forecasters are giving the storm its last rights, which means I'll be out testing the new snowblower very soon. Those upside down spikes on the lawn? Those are my overturned plastic Adirondack chairs I was too lazy to put away before the snow started.


Hope you had a great Christmas! We've had a fun few days here with my parents--so nice to have family around for the holidays. The kids have been playing with new toys nonstop. Today I'll get them outside for some sledding and snowball fights.


Unfortunately, I haven't been able to write. Who knew how disruptive having more people in the house would be. But this week I plan to make more of an effort. I'll have a few days without the kids so I'll make my to-do list and write a few year-end blog posts. Also, I really have to clean off my desk.


Hope you're not stranded somewhere.


Maureen said…
We had more than our fair share of snow last winter and am so pleased the storm decided to skirt Arlington, Va., for the most part.

Keep warm!
Collin Kelley said…
Pretty pic. We had our white Christmas in Atlanta and it's pretty much melted away.

Now I'm work. Sigh.


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