The Last Day of the Year

(Alex and Ella at the Museum of Science)

This past Tuesday, I spent the evening with three of the most fabulous writer moms. It was a rare night that we could get out without kids or spouses to enjoy dinner together. And the one thing all of us wanted most in our lives is time (with money being a close second). Yet as complicated as our lives get, we wouldn’t trade places with anyone else. So we work hard to balance our commitments with our need to be artists.

2010 was a year of transition for me. It was the year my divorce became final. It was the year Underlife found its legs, so to speak. It was the year work and family required more of me that I expected. And it was a December that challenged my faith. Still, it was a terrific year.

Each year, I make goals and I start them early because I feel they should be weaved seamlessly into the fabric of my days. But what I want this year is very simple: independence.

I’m seeking independence from the past. I want to put support systems in place so I have more time and less stress (not an easy task). Financial security is also at the top of the list. And maybe, just maybe, it’s time to add love back into this huge equation.

I talk a lot about “me time” and poetry goals—I know those things will take care of themselves. Balance is illusive. But, bottom line is securing a better future for me and my kids, my two silver linings.

*Do you make resolutions or goals? Share one of your goals here.*

I wish you great poetry and love in 2011! May your hearts be full and fulfilled.


Maureen said…
Wishing you an abundance of blessings in the New Year.
Kells said…
January, I so love your posts.

I make both resolutions and goals. And I try to have an idea of something I want to focus on. One year, it was "compassion" - how can I be more compassionate in my life.

This year it's about usefulness - what I can do for others.

I think a goal of mine is to make sure my actions (and use of time) are in sync with my priorities.

I guess I try to create new habits each year.

Happy New Year to you and LOVED the New Year's photos of your kids!

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