AWP Conference

Tomorrow I am off to the AWP Conference in Atlanta, GA. As far as I can tell, this is one of the largest professional conferences for writers in the United States. It brings together educators, students, writers, editors, publishers, and literary aficionados to discuss the writing life, specifically the business of poetry. Session topics range from “What Creative Writers from the Working Class and Underclass Need to Know to Pursue a Life in Academe” to “Deviant Fictions by Women,” with lots of readings and reunions in-between.

My grandparents and one of my best friend lives in Atlanta, and since this fits into my professional career goals, my attendance here is a win-win on so many levels. Also, I will be traveling with the fair and always pleasant Ella Rose, my 18-month old daughter.

(Keep your fingers crossed that I will not be that woman with the baby on the plane. You know what I’m talking about—that woman with the inconsolable child annoying all the passengers. I don’t think it will happen. Ella is well behaved and I always, unfortunately, underestimate my kids. Still, say a little prayer for us.)

Anyway, I will be schmoozing by day and blogging at night, probably not replying as much as I’d like, however.

Will post a new Poetry Thursday poem on Wednesday.


jillypoet said…
You are so lucky! Do you get to do this as part of your job? Details! Details! Remember everything and write it all down!

There is a poem by Naomi Shihab Nye about holding a baby on a plane while the mom goes to the bathroom. I will find it and post it on my blog. I love her. Have fun!
Oh! So envious! Have a wonderful time and please be sure to write about it on your blog so I can live vicariously through you!
January said…
Jill--No, not really. It loosely fits in with my career plans. I asked and my boss said OK. That's all I needed--no questions asked.

I'll check out your blog later for the Nye poem. She's amazing!

PWADJ--I plan to blog about as much as I can. And I went to other blog and it's amazing! So many resources. How do you find the time?

Maybe next year we can all meet at the NYC AWP Conference. Just a thought.
Oh! that would be so cool -a Poetry Thursday contigent! I wanted to go this year but realized that desire too late to make it happen. Next year!

In regard to Contest Central - I just had to organize the contests in a way I could understand them. There are so many - too many and a lot of them are useless to me. So, I wouldn't say I found the time, I'd more say I was complying with my OCD. Glad it is helpful!!!
I hope you have a blast at the conference...mix, mingle, and get your poetry out there where it rightfully deserves to be! You are an inspiration...good luck to you and your little girl on the trip.

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