Galway Kinnell

Poet Galway Kinnell was my first professor and adviser at NYU many moons ago, and recently he turned 80. There was a big public reading and celebration in New York this past weekend. Unfortunately I could not attend, but it was great to hear Weekend America's piece on him the day before his 80th birthday celebration.

If it wasn't for Galway's kindness and patience during my formative poetry years in college, I would have given it up altogether.

From Weekend America:
This past Thursday was a special day for American poet Galway Kinnell. He turned 80. Although Kinnell is a Vermont resident, many poetry lovers associate him with his epic about Lower East Side life, called "The Avenue Bearing the Initial of Christ into the New World." Independent producer Pamela Renner took a walk in the neighborhood with Galway Kinnell on the afternoon before his big birthday.

Happy Birthday Galway!


Pink Granite said…
What a wonderful opportunity to have had Galway Kinnell as a professor and advisor! Does he know how devoted you remain to poetry?
- Lee
January said…
Good question. I occasionally run into him at poetry events and we chat.

I'd love to be able to send him a copy of my first book when it's finished, just to say thank you for the encouragement.
Stephanie King said…
I had absolutely no idea that Galway Kinnel was 80 years old. I thought he was significantly younger than that.

P.S. I am a fellow poet, and would love to link to you, if that would be okay. Would you mind?
January said…
Hi Stephanie. Link away.

I look forward to checking out your blog.

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