Sunday Scribblings: Crush

To quote Susannah, “To admit to a crush doesn’t seem very grown-up, but I regard it as a facet of a well-rounded sexuality.” I couldn’t agree more.

The crushes I had when I was a teenager are now laughable, from Duran Duran to the Fresh Prince (a.k.a. Will Smith—remember the song “Parents Just Don’t Understand”?). And in thinking about all of those unrequited loves and missed opportunities I’ve had in my life, I guess I wouldn’t be the person I am today without those experiences.

My longest and most enduring crush has been Sting. I’ve seen him perform five times, and hope to see him again when he performs at Fenway Park this summer. He’s just a specimen of a man, and the whole tantric sex thing is so intriguing it just adds to the allure.

My husband and I have this unspoken agreement that if the people in our fantasies asked for one night of pleasure, we each have the go-ahead to follow it through. Of course it wouldn’t happen, but if Halle Berry came a knockin’, he’s got a green light from me. However, if she’s looking for me, I’ve available.

Can’t explain my “luv thang” for Justin Timberlake. Physically, he’s not my type—scrawny, too thin, and a little geeky when you look at him long enough. But when I play his songs on my iPod, that’s it for me. Also, he’s a terrific dancer, and I’m a sucker for a man with moves.

Grown-up crushes are complicated and sticky; resisting the temptation is part of the fun. I love it when risqué thoughts pop into my head while grocery shopping or while in a meeting and no one knows what I’m thinking. The idea of the wrong man getting together with the wrong woman is thrilling—all the best stories have a bit of sexual tension. It’s the possibility of the “what if,” even though it will never be acted upon. For a poet, there’s no better way to release the tension than putting it down on paper.

The Shirt
by Jane Kenyon

The shirt touches his neck
and smooths over his back.
It slides down his sides.
It even goes down below his belt—
down into his pants.
Lucky shirt.

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Susannah said…
"Lucky shirt" - *such* a sexy poem i've always thought...... now, back to more serious matters: Sting - yes yes yes. i have no doubt that he is absolute dynamite in bed.... swoon

(and how could i forget Will Smith in I, Robot -
Great post today--so funny who we crushed on/keep crushing on, isn't it? Sting is beautiful...but, my husband doesn't have to worry unless Johnny Depp comes knocking (ahem). I LOVE that poem too.
paris parfait said…
I've always liked the poem Lucky Shirt - and you're so right that in writing, we can let it all out. As for Sting, he's quite the guy - I think if he were available, women would be lining up for a chance! Will Smith is terrific, too. And you're right about Justin Timberlake's dance moves. :)
Whoa- love the poem. My husband and I have the same agreement, although our secret crushes change almost daily for us!
Loved this, January!
rubyslippers said…
Awesome post! Just thinking about these sexy men--whew!--it's getting hot in here!! :)
Oh and let's not forget my ultimate geek crush for Zach Braff (Scrubs, Garden State) Don't ask...sort of a Justin Timberlake thing without the dance moves.
Anonymous said…
my husband and i joke about our "lists" (as in the Friends episode where you make a list of celebrities you're allowed to sleep with if given a chance). will smith is on my list, too. (who's jada?)in fact, i teased hubby that will smith was the father of my second son. when i was pushing the baby out, the doctor told us he had lots of dark, curly hair, he began to wonder! :)

richard gere, george clooney, patrick dempsey. all on my list.

sandra bullock tops hubby's list, and that's just so cute as far as i'm concerned. she's pretty but not beautiful, and she's a little bit goofy. sounds like his kind of girl!
Remiman said…
Love the poem...first exposure to it :-(
Say, If halle stops over to your place, could you put in a good word or two for me?

Liza's Eyeview said…
yep, "lucky shirt"!

Enjoyed your scribblings :)
Catherine said…
Oh, I love that poem. I've never seen it before, so unlike the Jane Kenyon poems I'm familiar with.
Kamsin said…
Great poem! And I'm with you on the Justin Timberlake thing, he definately knows how to move. In fact any guy that's a good dancer is pretty damn sexy in my book. Sting, however, I'll pass on, you can have him all to yourself -well, along with everyone else who has left comments in Sting's favour anyway!
Deb R said…
I love that poem!

And I understand the Justin Timberlake thing,but then I kind of go for geeky types. One of my very earliest crushes was Mr. Spock from the original Star Trek. :-)
January said…
Jan's Top 10 Crushes:

1. Sting
2. Justin Timberlake
3. Denzel Washington
4. Will Smith
5. Brad Pitt
6. Hugh Grant
7. Johnny Depp
8. Chow Yun Fat
9. Prince
10. Jake Gyllenhaal

Loved hearing about everyone's crushes. Happy Sunday Scribblings!
Cate said…
"I love it when risqué thoughts pop into my head while grocery shopping or while in a meeting and no one knows what I’m thinking."

Me, too, me, too!

You made me think of how I feel about Mick Jagger--sort of a cross between your Sting and JT crushes. Scrawny, not my normal type, but then, he sings. And he struts. And I'm a grabbing-my-head mess.

Excellent post (thanks for sharing the poem, too!).
lucky shirt indeed. i liked your ruminations about all those crushes.

Painfully yours..
Superb post. Your philosophy in preface and poem are right on! (I release my innermost feelings of all types the easiest in poetry, even if it makes no sense to others.)

Enjoyed the down to earth and even a bit "earthy" tone to your work.
Wonderful writing. Glad I returned from finding you last week for Sun. Scribblings.
Jone said…
Loved the poem. Loved your piece. Sting...yep and how about Richard Gere and lately the docs on Grey's Anatomy.
la vie en rose said…
yummy! i LOVE that poem...know why can't i get johnny depp out of my mind...damn that poem...
chiefbiscuit said…
This is one of the best description of a crush I have ever read.
(Okay ... maybe Paul Newman or Harrison Ford, before they got wrinkly.)

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