A Few Random Thoughts on a Saturday Afternoon

  1. I found a little "wrapture" in my Saturday.

  2. I’m a little stressed about working on my manuscript. Part of me knows my anxiety is irrational, while the other part of me is FREAKING O-U-T! All of my insecurities are coming to ahead. Am I a good writer? If I am, is my work good enough to get published? Am I deluding myself? Why can’t I just settle for posting on my blog? (Not looking for complements, just stating a fact.)

  3. In an effort to de-stress, I decided to take myself to see the movie Babel. Wrong! Great movie, certainly Oscar worthy. But the whole experience left me pretty tense, especially in my neck and shoulders. Glad I have my manuscript to take my mind off my the movie.

  4. After the movie, I was grateful to be back home with my husband and kids.

  5. Earlier today, in the midst of all my angst, I had a delightful e-mail exchange with JillyPoet about writing and stuff.

  6. Here’s where I am with the m’script: I have 55 poems that I am in the process of revising and reordering based on feedback from writer friends and non-writer friends. (Sending my gratitude to those suffering with me.)

  7. My deadline to have everything ready to mail is February 14. I'm sending out to two publishers with open submission periods. Additionally, I’m looking for publishers who may be friendly to my style and subject matter. Suggestions are welcome.

  8. In a few weeks, I'm off to the AWP Conference in Atlanta. My grandparents and best friend lives there, so I'm really looking forward to mixing business with pleasure. And I'll take pictures to show you what it's like to attend one of these conventions.

  9. No one talks about poetry as a business, but it is, and my next step is to figure out how to market myself. Marketing plan to come.

  10. I really need a to-do list because I have not been sending out my work. Once I started to read some of the manuscript comments, my insecutites stared to flair up again. See #2 for more details. But the to-do list helps me focus. It allows me to feel like I'm moving forward. Nothing feels better than crossing an item off my list.

  11. Hope to write two poems this week.

  12. February 14 is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!


twitches said…
My grandmother's birthday is also Feb. 14th - her name is Ima Valentine (seriously).

Are you a good writer? Yes, you are.
January said…
You too, T! Hope we'll see more of you around the blogosphere.
Susannah said…
happy early birthday jan! does that make you a fellow aquarian? keep goin' with that manuscript, love - i wanna buy your book :-) xo
G said…
Good luck to you, January! And happy birthday this week.
Anonymous said…
i have been following your anxiety about your manuscript and your fear about your work being read. if i were there, i'd hold your hand all the way to the mailbox. because you ARE going to make it to the mailbox!

we all love your work and while that alone may not be enough to get it published, it's enough to know that your work resonates with so many of us. that means you cannot hold it back. you must share it.

i am watching in the wings. so proud that you're taking this step.

and kudos to my pal jillypoet. she's always always always a source of ... well... usually whatever support i need.

(and P.S. a poet who was born on valentine's day and whose name is january ... so many marketing angles!)
kj said…
it's easy to identify with your inner critic. i have a blabbermouth one too! keep writing and keep sending your work to publishers, agents, magazines, trade journals, etc.

i read your blog a few months back and you inspired me by setting goals of how many submissions you wanted to make each week. i remember that as i now start to send out my own queries and proposals.

from one writer to another: go for it!
January said…
TI, funny you mention submissions. I had slacked off on submitting to journals when I began the revision process--started to second guess myself. But now I'm ready to plow into the submission process again.

Thanks for the kind words.
January said…
Thanks everyone for putting up with all of my anxieties.

Taking this next step has been such a learning process. But I'm glad I have blogging friends to help along the way.

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