The Way to My Heart

Since I have a birthday on a so-called Hallmark holiday, I get a little picky about what gifts I like to give and get. So here's a few tips for those searching for a last-minute gift for yours truly. Feel free to use these suggestions when hunting for gifts for your sweeties.

(Note: my husband is well-versed on what to give me as a gift, so the list doesn't really apply to him anymore. Oh, but there was a time ...)

1. Do not, and I repeat, do not give me cheap chocolate for Valentine's day. Skip the Russell Stovers or Whitman Samplers brands of boxed hearts with their mystery chocolates and gooey centers. Go for Godiva or Lindt, or surprise me with something that's going to knock my socks off.

2. Do not give me any of those horrible, chalk-like Necco valentine hearts that say "be mine" and "4-ever." What am I, 6 years old? Yik! If you're deciding between the candy (and I use that tern loosely) hearts and a piece of chalk, go for the chalk--it taste better.

3. Do not buy roses. Florists charge three times as much for roses this week. It may be a romantic gesture, but save your money and buy flowers on Mother's Day. Now that's a day I like receiving flowers.

4. Do not fall into the trap that Valentine's day is a Hallmark holiday. That's just a cop out to avoid buying a card. Who doesn't appreciate the opportunity to show your love, and if the rest of the world is celebrating the same thing, all the better.

5. Do, at least, buy a card. It's two dollars--you can afford it.

6. Do encourage the kids to make things. As a mom, I can't get enough of homemade cards and art projects. It's in our job description.

7. Do make dinner or take me out. And while you're at it, clean the house, do the laundry, and take out the trash. Hey, it's one day a year and doing a few chores doesn't cost a thing.

8. Do feel free to shower me with kisses and tell me you love me at every opportunity. Again, it's something I'll never get tired of and it doesn't cost a thing. And I'll be sure to do the same.

Happy Valentine's Day!


bostonerin said…
Have a FAN-TAB-ULOUS day! I hope it's special and memorable.

(and if I *do* get snowed in at school, I will DEFINITELY do laundry and cook...)
Becca said…
I wholeheartedly agree with numbers 7 and 8! Having been married for over 30 years, I can honestly say I'd prefer some extra hugs, kisses, and help around the house to a dozen roses of whatever color! Good advice, January :)
wendy said…
I so agree with you...and if chocolate is in a best be REALLY good chocolate!!!

I posted a similiar theme today.

Happy Birthday, January. You have been a gift to us all.
deirdre said…
I'm so with you on this list.

Have a very Happy Birthday with lots of everything and everyone you love.
paris parfait said…
Excellent advice to all the clueless men out there! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!
chiefbiscuit said…
So husband speaks!

I heard today that a survey was done (worldwide) and an overwhelming 70% or something of women would appreciate a whole day off - complete day off - no kids, no husband - all alone somewhere with no chores or things to do, nothing but be herself for a whole day - THIS is what they want more than anything else for Valentine's Day. A DAY OFF - sounds like heaven to me.(But then where are the hugs and kisses going to come from? Well, maybe they could be saved up!) :) Have a good one!
chiefbiscuit said…
Oh and Happy Birthday and Good Luck with that manuscript. Those finishing lines of yours are always so arresting, your poetry is sure to grab some attention.
Marilyn said…
Happy Birthday! (Great tips.)
ecm said…
great tips!

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