Sunday Scribblings: Puzzled?

Puzzled? I don’t think so!

Best Actor: Forest Whitaker
Best Supporting Actor: Eddie Murphy
Best Actress: Helen Mirren
Best Supporting Actor: Jennifer Hudson
Best Director: Martin Scorsese
Best Picture: The Departed

Any questions?

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paris parfait said…
I think you're right about best actor and actress, but not sure about the rest. And I hope Al Gore's and Davis Guggeinheim's An Inconvenient Truth wins for best documentary! Have fun watching - I only get to see it after the fact, as it's not shown live in France (other than on Canal Plus, a paid channel and we already pay for about 100 other channels).
January said…
Tara, I didn't mention it in my list, but I think An Inconvenient Truth is the only true "lock" for the Oscars.

Maybe you can find a simulcast of the Oscars on Maybe?
chiefbiscuit said…
Have fun watching - we get to see a little later too. I'm not up with the play to give any considered opinion - but we saw the Departed and it is a good film.
I am so not into the current movies these days- but I am right there with Tara and yourself on An Incovenient Truth!
I don't pay any attention to the Oscars at be honest, An Inconvenient Truth is the only Oscar-film I've seen this year. Now, I'll be wondering if you got them!
Brian said…
So how many did you get right? I didn't check the winners.
January said…
Brian, in this short list, I went 5 for 6. Didn't think Eddie Murphy could lose this award (I think the release of Norbit hurt his chances).

I'm in an Oscar pool with a few friends and we pick winners in all 24 categories. I came in third, which breaks my two-year win streak. What can I say, all of my focus has been on my poetry manuscript of late.

Hope you got to see a bit of last night's telecast!
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sigh. I rarely get to watch a good movie nowadays. I haven't kept track for sometime now.

Bug said…
You got a lot right!
Eddie Murphy got robbed!

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