Squirrel Update

The siege is over. SquirrelWatch 2007 has ended. Daniel Boone (a.k.a. my husband Tim), managed to corral our little guest into the trap. He didn't whimper or snarl as I thought he might--and the squirrel was fine, too.

Tim released it about a mile away from the house. No one (human or rodent) was hurt in today's incident. Now just the bigger question remains: how did a squirrel get into the house in the first place?

Thanks for your squirrel stories and offers to let me borrow your dogs!


twitches said…
We get squirrels and other l'il beasties in our attic all the time in winter...be thankful it didn't die behind a wall or something; that's the worst!
G said…
That's a happy story! I'm glad it all worked out. We had mice a while back and it just feels so strange to share the house with them, doesn't it? (our story didn't end so happily for the mice, poor things)
January said…
Our squirrel looked fat and happy, but I'm sure he was thrilled to be out of our basement and back in the wild.

And I'm thrilled that it didn't die in the walls. Yik!
Bug said…
LOL. Glad for the happy ending!

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