To-Do's and Don'ts

Crunch time! I've gotten almost all of my edits in for this round, so I'll finish my revisions and will send out copies of the manuscript this week. *sigh*

A project like this take up a lot of free time, so I hope to get back to visiting blogs and writing poems later this week. My husband and friends have been really supportive through my wining, and so have those who read and comment through my anxiety. THANKS!

In the meantime, here's my to-do list.

This Week
  1. tidy up manuscript
  2. send manuscript to four publishers
  3. write two poems
  4. celebrate a damn good week

Next Week
  1. write a poem
  2. write two articles for an upcoming project (more on that later)
  3. do research for a class Boston Erin and I may teach in the summer
  4. submit individual poems to a journal for publication*

The Week After Next
  1. write a poem
  2. submit individual poems to a journal for publication*
  3. attend the AWP Conference in Atlanta

*I have a confession to make. Every time I make one of these lists I add a goal of sending out poems for publication, but I haven't send anything out since December. Once I got into the revision process, I felt a bit insecure about my poems. I started to second guess myself on all of the tiny decisions one makes when writing a poem--and rightfully so. Which pronoun works best here? Why are so many pieces written in first person? Some of these poems I have lived with for years.

But now that they have been give a once-over, these poems are ready to see the light of day again. And so am I.


I think lists like these are incredibly powerful b/c you're actually putting what you want out there! Congrats on getting the edits done...this is such a hard part of the process for me, I admire your work ethic SO much. Keep up with the celebrating--that's just what you deserve for the effort! (Oh, and a nice publishing contract--which I don't doubt will head your way).
Kamsin said…
Well done for getting all the edits done. And good luck as you send the manuscript out.
la vie en rose said…
...and don't forget the celebrating...such an important, but often overlooked, aspect of the process...

ps--13 days 'til the Oscars!
G said…
Good luck, January!
January said…
Thanks, ladies!

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