Ladies First

(Me and Boston Erin. Isn't she lovely?)
We're troublemakers. We eat words. We hatch plots. We scheme schemes. We right wrongs. We question authority. We take it on the chin. We lean into the fray. We mash it up. We chew words and then spit them out. We know the writing's on the wall. We let it all hang out. We take leaps. We know no bounds. We write like there's no tomorrow.


Love your manifesto ~ it's rather close to my heart (smile!)
bostonerin said…
Who IS that scarfed woman?! ; )

Thanks for a super lunch chat, as always.

-your co-scheme-schemer
January said…
You're awesome, my dear. Can't wait to see what plans we hatch next.
paris parfait said…
Great mission statement and wonderful photo of you and Bostonerin!
chiefbiscuit said…
The poem reads a little 'after Gwendolyn Brooks' ;) You two look so innocent - so butter wouldn't melt, but with a little cheeky glint in your eyes ... !
January said…
CB, I was thinking of Gwendolyn when I wrote this. Took everything I had not to name the post "We Real Cool."

I saw her read that poem about a year before she passes away. Amazing.

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